What a Wonderful World-Story Telling

24th June 2022
Year 1 received a lovely welcome from the staff at the Alnwick Playhouse for our visit to What a Wonderful World storytelling experience. The storyteller was called Robin Simpson. He told them the story of the Emperor of China who wanted children to plant a seed for him and involved the children in the tale. The children also created a poem with him about an endangered animal
Last week I went upon a quest
To find the beast that I like best
I had to travel really far
That’s why I drove there in my car
This animal is very rare
It’s called the wild polar bear
It likes to eat fish and sea pig
And purple whales that are big
I hope to see it before it’s gone
I think it is the only one!
Then we listened to the story of Little Red Riding Hood which Robin told using shadow puppets. The children were all given seeds to bring back and plant and we have written our own messages about looking after the planet on leaves which we will hang on a special tree at the playhouse.