Virtual Harvest

28th September 2020
This Sunday (4th October) St Michael's Church will be celebrating their Harvest Festival.  With current restrictions, we are limited with how much we can do and will not be visiting church. However, we are celebrating Harvest this week and the children are learning about giving thanks for all we have.  We also use harvest time as an opportunity to share with others.  We are using this opportunity to do our usual collection for the local food bank this Friday (2nd October).  We are asking each family to make a small donation of a tin / packet e.g. beans, soup, rice, pasta.  We will collect them in boxes and then donate them on your behalf.
This is a lovely opportunity for the children to see their impact on the local community.
In addition, I am sharing the youtube clip of Cauliflowers Fluffy - which is always a hit at harvest time - hope you enjoy!
Many thanks in advance for your donation on Friday.