Times Table Rockstar Day

8th October 2021
It was fantastic to see so many of our children dressed up as their 'avatars' to celebrate Times Table Rockstar day today.  Even the teachers had their rockstar wigs and funky glasses.
Alicia (Y6) and Aimee (Y5) showed off their skills as rock legends in speedy tables!
We discussed the importance of learning times tables.  The children quoted:
"Good to learn for future help in year 5/6 maths."
"Helps to prepare for high school."
"Gives you confidence."
We also discussed why playing rockstars is a great way to learn tables.  Children said:
"It is fun."
"I like to customise my character."
"Studio is great because you get a mixture of tables."
"Garage is good because you get set the times tables I need to learn."
"Festival is fun because you can play alongside people in my class and compete."
Our competition boys Vs girls starts today.