We are excitied to have so many iPads in school. We use a wide range of Apps and would like to share with you some of them.  This list is always changing so keep visiting this page:

Paid Apps

Pages (£6.99) - Word processor, great for visual reports

Keynote (£6.99) - presentation tool like powerpoint

iMovie (£6.99) - great for creating movies and trailers with ease

Numbers (£6.99) - spreadsheet

Art set (£2.99) - stunning art package with range of colours, textures and tools

Popplet (£2.99) - visual mind map

Free Apps (Some have paid additional content)

Zoom - Place value work

Hungry fish - Simple addition and subtraction

iOldphoto - Turns photos sepia

Popplet lite - As above but without save option

Simplemind+ - Very easy mind map

Puppet Pals - Super puppet shows in seconds

Google Translate - Translate to and from many langauges with ease

Tiny Tap - Create quizzes with pictures and drawings.

Bee bot - Learning basics of programming.