St Michael's Does Science Week!

18th March 2022
Here are some wonderful pictures from our different classes, taking part in various activities for Science week! 
Topaz- The Topaz class have been working on forces. We have been investigating toys we have to push and pull.
Emeralds- We have been labelling parts of real plants and we have also made Easter gardens.
Sapphire- The children in Sapphire Class are looking at classification of animals and plants in their science topic this half term. This Monday, the children went on an invertebrate hunt and explored the miniature habitats around the school grounds.
Amethyst- Year 5 have been learning about the life cycles of plants. We dissected lilies so that we could observe the female and male parts of the plant. We drew scientific diagrams to show our findings.
We have taken cuttings from geranium plants to show how asexual reproduction creates identical clones as offspring. We are observing how the cuttings change over time.
Diamond- In year 6, we have been learning about life cycles including plants. We are re-growing spring onions and observing them daily.