SEALS (Reception and Nursery)

In Nursery we are the Grey Seals. 
Grey seals love to swim and eat fish.  They have flippers so they can move through the water. They can dive very deep in the sea. 
In Reception we are the Leopard Seals. 
Leopard Seals have spots like the big cat they are named after. They are also really good hunters. Unfortunately they have predators who eat them such as whales and sharks. 
Have a look at our yearly plan to see what we plan to learn about throughout this year.
Autumn term 
We went on an Autumn walk. We found some beautiful different coloured leaves. 
We harvested our apples from the school garden and one of our class brought in some rhubarb they had grown. We made a delicious crumble and ate it with some yummy custard. 
We have been reading the book 'Dear Mother Goose'. She is great at solving the problems of the Nursery Rhyme characters but so are we....
We have been looking for numbers both in our school environment and also around the school. 
We have been reading the story of 'The Gigantic Turnip.'
We cut up some vegetables to make vegetable soup.