Seals - Nursery

Welcome to the Seals class. 
We are looking forward to welcoming our current Seals back in September and welcoming our new Seals. 
We made our own Seal puppets on Bump Up day and we are going to take them with us on some adventures during the Summer holidays. Don't forget to tell us about it
Don't forget to do your 'preparation to be a Seal' homework for September. 
1. My fact about Seals. 
2. 15 Things to do in Summer. 
And remember to tell us in your Home School Me book or on your own School 360 page what exciting things you have done during the summer holidays with your Seal friend. 
Thank you for telling us about your amazing summer adventures. 
Welcome back Seals
Look at our new Nursery classroom in Room 2. We have lots of exciting play experiences to support our learning. 
Seals at the seaside
Whole School Beach Day - Alnmouth Beach 
What a lovely day we had at the beach with the rest of our school. We built sandcastles with our friends and family. We had picnics and ate ice lollies. We just had a fantastic time. 
Have a look at our photos to see how good it was!
Nursery Seals went on an Autumn walk. We had a check list of things we needed to look for. First we looked at the changing colours of leaves on the tree and picked up  some leaves which had already fallen to make our Autumn pictures. We noticed that there were lots of colours - red, yellow, orange, pink, brown and some were still green. We could tick these on our list. 
Then, we looked at the things we had grown and picked some. There were potatoes, onions, cucumber and apples and we found out that this was 'harvesting' them. Next we went looking for pine cones and found some at the front of the school. We also found berries on a tree and talked about these being food for birds but not for us to touch. 
We have been making chocolate plaits for our Funky Fingers work. We found the recipe in our Gruffalo cookbook. They were delicious!
Spring term 
We have been learning that Jesus told people some amazing stories. One of the stories we have been learning about is the Parable of the Sower and the Seeds. 
We decided to sow some seeds in our outdoor area finding the same sort of places that the sower in the story sowed his seeds. We found a path, some rocky ground, some weeds and some good soil. 
Which one will be the best for growing seeds? 
We sowed some seeds indoors as well, to see what would happen. 
Make sure you have a look in the hall when you visit. We will be making a display about the story of the Sower. 
Pancake Day 
Making the pancakes. 
Tossing the pancake. 
The best bit... eating the pancake!
World Book Day 
On World Book day we dressed up as our favourite story book characters. See if you can guess who we are!
This week we brought our favourite books into school to tell everyone why it was our favourite. 
We has a Big Booky breakfast and Book Swap at the start of school to raise money for Book Aid and children who don't have books. 
Thank you to our Year 5 Librarians for manning the book stall so brilliantly. 
At the end of the day we invited parents in to share a story with us. We read 'Oi Frog' together. A great end to a very busy day!
Easter egg hunt 
In Maths we had an Easter egg hunt. We worked with a partner to see how many eggs we could find in the outdoor area. Then, we took the eggs inside to count them and see how many we found. Of course, when we had done our Maths we had to have one each. 
This week we went on a trip to Newcastle to Seven Stories and Ouseburn Farm.