Seahorses - Year 3/4

Welcome back everyone, after the summer holidays, we hope you all had a fantastic break. Thank you so much for the effort you all put into your 'All About Me' bags they were brilliant. It was so interesting seeing everything in them as the children shared them in the classroom. 
We have lots of interesting and challenging work ahead so here's to a great year in the Seahorses.
Please feel free to pop in and see us if you have any questions or queries.
Miss Phillips and Mrs Grisdale
To help us settle into our new class this week, we have done lots of fun activities and team building challenges. One of which was the 'Marshmallow Challenge'. The children work in teams with 1 metre of string, 1 metre of masking tape, 20 sticks of spaghetti and 1 marshmallow. Their challenge is to make the highest structure possible which will hold a marshmallow up for 5 seconds. Sound easy? Give it a go! The children decided who would have which roles in the group, they sketched some initial ideas and then they got to building their structures. They had great fun and also learned how to work efficiently in a group.
What a fantastic day we had at Alnmouth beach! We built sandcastles, we made a fabulous Seahorse with pebbles and shells and we played lots of games with our friends. See the News section of the website for photos of our amazing day.
We have had a fantastic morning looking at our new book Flotsam. We discussed what flotsam might be, used a dictionary to find out and then we looked at range of flotsam. As a hook into the book we had to look closely at different trays of flotsam and use our inference skills to work out who each tray might represent. The children really enjoyed using their detective skills to work out who the characters were using the evidence in front of them.
The children wrote their findings onto post it notes giving reasons for the decisions they made. It was a fantastic literacy lesson and the children are really looking forward to finding out more about the characters we have discovered. Next, we will look at their back stories so that in the future the children can write their own back stories for characters in their writing.