Rota Kids

We are very proud to be part of the Alnwick Rotary Club as we have four of our year 4 chidlren each year nominated as Rota Kids. Our aim is to support The Rotary Club and help to raise funds for people in our worldwide and local community. We meet every half term to discuss ideas.

During the last 2 years,  we have raised money to help rebuild a school in Mapalagama in Sri Lanka and helped to build a toilet for the new nursery school there. The school was destroyed by the tsunami and The Rotary Club helped to rebuild it. To begin the campaign, we gave up a day in December to bag pack at Sainsbury’s. We raised just over £785 and received a thank you letter from the President of the Rotary Club of Columbo. In the summer terms, we organised a sponsored Fun Run to boost the funds further and raised nearly £2000.

Each year we hold the Enterprise Challenge. The Rotary Club give us £20 to develop a project to raise money for our own school funds. They agree to pledge a similar amount raised to provide equipment for the school in Mapalagama.

This year our Rotakids are: Chloe, Jamie, Lucy and Thomas.