Year 4 Residential

Year 4 Residential - Ford Castle


2018 marks the 10th Annual Year 4 residential at St Michael's.  We are so pleased to be able to take our children to Ford Castle in North Northumberland for a special trip which, for many, is one of the highlights of their time with us, which they continue to talk about for many years to come. 

After months of planning and preparation we set off on Wednesday 28th February and stayed for 3 days.  The chidlren were excitied to learn the colour of the hoodies for this year which are paid for by kind donations from the 'Friends' as well as the children's own fundraising. The children were wearing their new blue hoodies - which have become synonymous with the visit.  

We arrived early and met with castle staff who always welcome us so warmly and help us move into our dormitories.  It is an amazing experience to stay in a real castle!  We enjoy all of the activities on offer including visiting the village to complete the photo-trail, learning the skills of archery and fencing, zipping along a wire 50m over a stream, soling problems together and climbing up a wooden pole.  We ate well, laughed lots and enjoyed a very happy time together.  Night times are especially fun including games in the dark.  We also had an afternoon with Jim who took us for a long walk in the countryside - about which he knows so much!

 As usual, we share the highlights of the visit with all of the parents and create the ever-popular display of memories to share in school.  The Year 3 children will be looking on longingly until it is their chance to take part in this memorable experience. Don't worry - we have already booked our slot!

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