Reading Awards

At St Michael's we really value reading and understand the importance of reading to unlock knowledge and widen learning.  Reading is a crucial skills for life and therefore we really want to reward children who are achieving highly in reading.  We have a two-tiered award scheme for reading which has been introduced since September 2013. 

As children work through our reading 'scheme' they encounter the characters of Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy.  As the texts increase in complexity the characters go on magical adventures with their magic 'key'.  To mark this point in a child's development we are going to award them with a reading key during celebration worship on a Friday.  The reading key includes a poem:

I used to need somebody,
To sit and read to me.
I’d look at every page they read
And listen carefully.
But now I have the reading key,
I’m filling up the shelf
With stories, poems and other books
That I can read myself.

As children gain more confidence in reading and move through the colour-coded levels they are introduced to a wide variety of texts and genres.  On completion of brown level the children become a free reader.  This means they can choose their own books from our amazing selection of both fiction and non-fiction.  It shows they can read independently. 

We then take these children to the local book shop to choose their own book as a prize for their reading.  This book is presented in celebration worship and includes a book plate with the head teachers' signature.  It is a very special achievement in school and is celebrated as such.