How do we teach Phonics at St Michael's Church of England Primary School?


All children from Reception in our school now access a phonics programme called Read Write Inc. They begin with Read Write Inc phonics lessons and then once all their sounds are learnt and they are confident at writing words containing those sounds they progress onto Guided Reading sessions or RWI Literacy and Language lessons.

Children in Nursery continue to access Letters and Sound Phase phonics which concentrates on listening skills, music, songs and rhymes to support the start of phonics learning.  You can see information on our website with some examples of their phonics lessons. When ready they will progress onto Read Write Inc.

We wanted to put in place a systematic and structured approach to teaching phonics in school which all children would be familiar with and would create confident and enthusiastic readers and writers.

The phonics programme we have chosen has had much success in schools similar to ours. It is also important that phonics is taught consistently and regularly and in a way which is appealing to children.

In addition to Read Write Inc we use the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme