News update 27th March

27th March 2020
Dear Parents / Carers,
Another very strange week at St Michael's!!
We have made contact with over 96% of our families over the past week by either email, phone, visits or by the fact that you have sent work in!  It has been lovely to speak to you all and share thoughts at this difficult time.  Thank you too, for your kind words and thoughts about us. It shows what a lovely caring community we have at St Michael's.
We are having more success with our on-line learning and have received some fantastic pieces of work and photos. We understand this hasn't been easy for everyone and we appreciate your perseverance.  With this in mind we are not increasing the amount of work next week and will keep to a similar format.  If you want more than has been set, our dedicated website page has a huge list of additional resources to use. Click here to find out more.
It has been particularly tricky for our parents in Early Years to access the APP.  The APP is being upgraded over the weekend. If you're having trouble, try to update / reinstall on Monday and give it a go. To avoid confusion: Please note there are two very similar APPs on the APP store the one we use is 360 EYFS NOT 360 parents. See attachment for more details.
We would like to remind parents and carers that school is staying open only for vulnerable children and those of critical / key workers who cannot be safely cared for at home. If there is an adult at home, a child must be kept at home.
It looks like we may have very few children, if any, who will be in school next week. We will continue to provide free school meals to those children who have requested them.  If you change your mind, please let us know as quicky as possible. We believe a voucher scheme will be in place after Easter, and we will share it with you as soon as we know more.
Next week, we will open as usual each day and maintain our contact but may close early.  Email continues to be the best way to contact us.
I would like to end by thanking all the staff for their amazing work this week keeping the school running and the learning coming to you, and the Governors for being such a support. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support. 
We wish you well and stay safe.
Gavin Johnston - Head Teacher
St Michael's CE Primary School