Meet the classes in Early Years

In Early Years at St Michael's we have our two year old provision called Little Puffins, our Nursery provision who are the Grey Seals and our Reception class who are the Leopard Seals. 
Our Early Years staff are Mrs Amaira who leads our two year old provision and Mrs Mackay, Mrs Angus and Mrs Cass who lead the provision in Nursery and Reception. 
Little Puffins are our two year old children. They attend for morning sessions from 8.30 - 11.30 am. 
Spring 2 Term in Little Puffins
Our Little Puffins are learning about the flowers and wildlife that we notice in Spring. You can listen to the story 'Ten Tiny Tadpoles' by Debbie Tarbett,  by clicking the link below.
In Little Puffins we love to sing 'Five Little Speckled Frogs'. If you have a printer at home you could cut out these frogs to make stick puppets together, or glue them to pebbles to pretend with while you sing.
Grey seals are our Nursery children. We are able to offer morning or afternoon sessions or full day sessions to nursery age children. Our morning sessions are 8.45 am to 11.45 am which includes lunch. Our afternoon sessions are from 12.15 pm to 3.15 pm. 
Mrs Mackay is the Early Years lead and co-ordinates the provision throughout Early Years. She is also Assistant Head. 
Leopard Seals are our Reception class. They attend from 8.45 am to 3.15 pm alongside the rest of our school. 
Spring 2 term. 
Here are some learning ideas that children can do at home should we not be able to enjoy doing them in school together. 
They are things that we would be covering in the weeks leading up to Easter. 
It would be great if you could put some photos of your child onto their School 360 learning journey site doing some of the activities below. 
Let us know what they are enjoying and how they are doing.
10 things to do in Spring!
1. Put on your wellies and jump in some puddles or squelch through the mud. 
2. Make a bird feeder to go in the garden. 
3. Find out what type of birds are at your bird feeder. 
4. Plant some seeds either inside or out and watch them grow. 
5. Choose some vegetables and make some soup. 
6. See if you can make a den in the garden or a bird watching den inside. 
7. Paint some spring flowers. 
8. Go on a Spring walk and see how many animals you can see. 
9. Make your own kite and see if you can fly it. 
10. Use cauliflower or broccoli to print blossom trees. 
This spring term we are going to be learning about the lifecycle of frogs. 
Please read through the powerpoint below. 
Can you make a frog lifecycle? Use the templates below.
Read the story 'Growing Frogs' by Vivian French. 
Can you go on a walk and see if you can find any frogspawn? Where do you think you might find it? 
Write a sentence about your walk and draw a picture. 
See if you can help your child to find any information on a computer, laptop or ipad about frogs. 
Write down an amazing fact that you have found out to bring into school with you. 
Why not try painting a stone to look like a frog? Look online for some great ideas. 
We love to read a book called 'Oi  FROG!' by Kes Grey and Jim Field. 
In the book Frogs sit on logs, goats sit on coats, moles sit on poles...
Can you have a go at rhyming and think of what other animals might sit on? Make a list. 
Can you make your own mini outdoor pond using a tiny foil container? Add some stones or gravel. 
Sing the number song Five Little Speckled Frogs or if you want to make it a bit trickier increase the number of frogs! 
Please read the letter below from kids classroom secrets which details how to access their resources should school have to close. It gives access to some activities and games that children can use but please remember to supervise this access. 
Some more great ideas 
Have a look at these Maths activities. 
Thurs 26th March
Watch the Read Write Inc daily lesson for Set 1 (9.30) and Set 2 (10.00) speed sounds. 
Use your Packs of Speed sounds cards to support. 
or see information below

30 March 20

Dear Parents and Carers,

ReadWriteInc  are now releasing ebooks linked to the colour band that children are reading in their RWinc lessons.

These are available by going onto a site called Oxford Ow

You will need to register but it is free.

Once you have registered,

Go to Top Free Resources. This will take you to RWinc support

Drop down and click on Free e-books

On Browse the Library, click on level and it will take you to the colour to choose for your child.

These are the two groups relevant to children in Reception - 

Mrs Cass: sounds and blending  then ditty books and red

Mrs Grisdale: pink level moving to orange
1st April 20
Why not try these fun Science activities. 
You could also try this senses drawing activity. 
If you want to try some Maths today why not try the Frog one more or one less games. 
Print off and play together. 
Try the White Rose Maths Home learning activities which are for Early Years children. Go to the link below to find them. 
There are two weeks of activities with each week having an activity for each day. 
For Reception children you may want to have a go at the Year 1 activities which are to do with weight. We introduced this a few weeks ago.