We are the Nursery Seals. We have found out lots of facts about Seals.
Did you know that:
  • Seals can live for between 25 and 30 years.
  • Seals can hold their breath under water for up to two hours.
  • The Northumberland coast is home to many Atlantic grey seals.
  • There are 35 species of seals.
  • Seals can sleep under the water.
  • A female seal is called a 'cow'.
  • A male seal is called a 'bull'.
  • A baby seal is called a 'pup'.
  • The largest of all seals is the Elephant Seal.
  • Seals only spend 20% of their time on land.
  • Seals like very cold water.
 Thank you to all our parents, friends and children for these amazing facts.
Look at our self portraits.
A Year in the life of Early Years
This is the Autumn term in Early Years.
We are thinking about Autumn and what happens at this time of year.
We picked the apples from the tree in our school garden. We took some of them to our Harvest Service in our church and the rest we gave to our school cook to make some delicious apple sauce.
'I am special'
These are a few of our favourite things!
Look at the lovely canvas pictures we have made at home that show our favourite things.
We could spot the things we liked that others liked too and the things that were special to us.
Wednesday 5th October - Class theme Parent Pop In
We asked our family and friends to join us in school for our first Pop In session which was introducing our sea creatures theme.
We love having our family and friends come into class and work with us on some fun and exciting activities.
We baked sea creatures biscuits, painted our hands to make our octopus or feet to make our seal, we used the ipads to create a sea scene and got a bit wet outside trying to put the fish into the sea!
We had a great time!
We have a new edition to our seal family. We already have Curly and Spot but now we have Salty the Seal who lives with us during the week and goes back to Coquet Island at the weekend.
We are starting our RE work this half term thinking about birthdays.
We read the story 'Alfie Lends a Hand' and talked about what happens when you have a party or you are invited to a party.
'When it was my birthday I had balloons. All sorts of colours.'
'I went to a Power Ranger birthday party. We had snacks and birthday cake. We wrapped up a present.'
The children have decided the Home Corner is now hosting a birthday party.
We also looked at our new Chatterbox.
Look at what we found inside.
Can you tell in Early Years we love Superheroes?
Have a look at our displays and our Funky Finger activity. Can you free the Superhero?
We made our own design to send off for our professionally made Christmas cards.
We chose 3 colours ourselves, stuck our tree onto the paper and finger painted baubles onto the tree template.
The end result was fantastic!
Our Nativity this year was called 'Our First Nativity'.
We had our photos taken in our costumes for the Northumberland Gazette but we also sang 'live'. How brilliant! We had  thousands of views!
We had a wonderful trip to Alnwick Gardens to see Santa Claus. We were very excited especially as we went on a coach to get there.
Whilst we were there we also made our own wreath and had a delicious hot chocolate.
Thank you Alnwick Gardens for a lovely visit.
Getting really excited going across the twinkly bridge to the Treehouse.
'Wow' said one of our children.
Look who was waiting for us!
We all got to tell Santa Claus what we would like him to bring us this Christmas Eve.
Truly magical!
Welcome back for the Spring term.
It might be Spring term but it is very much winter weather outside. Today we went on a winter walk.
We found leaves with frost on the back and used our warm fingers to melt it.
We found some icy puddles with leaves frozen underneath.
Then, back to school for some tasty hot chocolate to warm us up.
Rain doesn't stop play at St Michael's.
We go out in our all weather suits and wellies to enjoy the puddles and the mud.
Nursery Seals went on a trip to Eshott Animal Park. We saw lots of animals and enjoyed a picnic lunch together.
We were very proud of ourselves because as one of us pointed out we had been at Nursery ALL DAY!
Eshott Animal Park
Tuesday 28th February 2017
Welcome to our new nursery Easter starters who have been doing their Favourite things canvas to let us know what they really like.
Have a look at their lovely pictures.
They have also been painting their self portraits for our 'Welcome to the Seals' display.
Summer term - Prayer
We have been talking about Prayer in R.E. We have read different types of prayers, talked about what we are thankful for and learnt that when we pray we are talking to God.
We arranged to meet Rev Julia at our church to talk about how we pray.
Kneeling to pray and using  hassocks
Prayer box for posting written prayers
Prayer stones
Prayer Bubbles (we watched them float up to the ceiling)
We ended with a blessing.
  • Let the love of Jesus hold us,
  • Let the love of Jesus keep us,
  • Let the love of guide us,
  • Until we meet again.
Then the Hokey Cokey.
You put your leg in
You put your leg out
In, out, in, out, you shake it all about,
God is always with us and there isn't any doubt,
That's what it's all about.
Thank you Rev Julia for a wonderful visit to our church.
We are now thinking about our designs for a hassock!
Welcome to Seals STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) Fortnight
We had a great first day of our STEM fortnight. First we had a visit from the fire engine. We heard the siren and saw all of the equipment that firemen wear. We even got to try the hose!
Then, we had a visit from ZooLab and got to see and touch some fabulous creatures. Aren't we brave!
To start off our STEM week investigations we all brought to school a type of vehicle with wheels. Thank you to our parents for their efforts in getting them to school and being so up for having your photo taken first thing in the morning.
We had a brilliant time riding or pushing our vehicles around our playground and exploring how we made them move.
We talked about how good it was to wear a helmet when you ride a bike or scooter to keep us safe.
We used all our experiences during STEM fortnight to try and make a vehicle that would move. It was going to have to carry one of our toys from home.
We asked our parents and friends to come in to see our STEM display and the cars we had made.
Nursery Seals visit the seals at Coquet Island Amble
Thank you to Dave Gray and his family at Puffin Cruises for a fabulous trip.
We all had a delicious ice cream at Spurelli's and then we had a look around the harbour. We found the Seafood Centre and saw some starfish and some baby lobsters which were tiny.
We also did a trail with questions we had to answer.
After all that fresh air on our boat trip we were very hungry so we went to have a picnic at the Little Shore.
Then we had some time to enjoy the beach with our adults.