Leprosy Mission

2nd March 2020

Courageous Advocacy in Action


In Year 5/6 the children have been learning about the work of the Leprosy Mission to support people with this terrible disease around the world.  After reading a case study about an 11 year boy who only needed £24 medicine to cure him, the children were INCENSED!  They wanted to take action straight away.

The children decided to hold a charity football match and cake stall to raise money for this worthwhile cause.  The carried out many of the arrangements themselves, organised teams, prepared cakes, advertised and played the match.  Each was sponsored at least £5 to play and many raised much more.  As well as having fun they were proud to raise over £320 for the Leprosy Mission which will cure up to 13 children around the world. We are so proud of them all.