June 2015

22nd June 2015

Pop comes to St Michael’s!  Pupils at St Michael’s First school in Alnwick have been a-buzz with excitement as they have been the stars in their very own pop concert.  The concert took place in a jam-packed St Michael’s Church on 30th June. It was attended by friends and family of the school, parishioners and local people.  Councillor Gordon Castle said: “I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was astounded at the quality of the performance and the enthusiasm of the children. It really lifted the roof of the old church in a way I have seldom, if ever, heard.”


The concert was a culmination of three days of exhilarating work in school to learn seven brand new songs written by Andy Silver – Pop UK director and esteemed music composer and performer with the BBC and other organisations.  Andy inspired staff and pupils to make music together in a special way. It was brilliant.  The original songs with titles such as “Good to be me” and “We’re having fun” had a strong moral message.  The delivery was inspirational and the quality astounding.  Caroline Hutton-Stott a parent and Governor at the school worked hard behind the scenes to ‘make it happen’ including securing grant funding from trusts within the church.  Pop UK as a non-profit organisation was worth every penny. As one grandmother put it “Seeing and hearing all those fantastic children really enjoying and relishing every moment on that stage was an absolute joy.” Facebook was full of excitement afterwards: “Blown away by St Michael’s school Pop UK concert tonight! Can’t believe how the kids manage to learn 7 songs and dance routines in 3 days… And it was perfect! Couldn’t wish for a better school for my minis to go to”.



The performance was directed by Andy along with a sound engineer and included lights and backing tracks. CDs were on-sale afterwards and sold out straight away.


It was a very special and memorable event for everyone – especially the staff who performed a song too  - at the amusement of parents and children alike!


We hope to repeat it again in future years – very worthwhile to promote music and enjoyment of performing to our young people especially in an overloaded curriculum.  The event really showed what a special place St Michael’s is.