Green Tree Schools Award Silver

5th July 2018

Green Tree School Award

  1.      Perspective pictures

We used iPads to take photos from different perspectives around the school grounds. We had to submit 4 different perspectives to get our points for this challenge. The perspectives we submitted were a view from below, a birds eye view, a close up and a view looking up. We found it quite challenging to get a close up of an insect as they kept flying off!

  1.     Visit a park

We visited Hulne Park for the morning and had lots of fun counting minibeasts, sketching flowers and trees and doing bark rubbings on different types of trees. We even got to see a pheasant hiding in the grass!


  1.     Words and images

After our visit, we came back to school and drew pictures to reflect on our visit.


  1.     Tree champion challenge

We read ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss and thought about how the character looks after and protects the trees. We then thought about the daily activities of park keepers and what a good job they do to allow us to enjoy these spaces. We designed our own characters to be woodland ambassadors and gave them a name. We then submitted our favourite three tree champions to receive our points.