Our Governors

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You can find out here about who the governors are, what they do, how they work in school and how to contact us.

Who are our Governors?


Local Authority Governor:

 Mrs Jackie Chevaugeon - Chair of Board of Governors

Foundation Governors:

Rev. Paul Scott

Sharon Wilmore-Greaves

Mrs Katja Purvis {Vice Chair}

Mr John Cooke

Mrs Rosie Buxton

Lisa Muir

Parent Governors:



 Staff Governors:

Mr Gavin Johnston Head teacher

Mrs Sharan Carr

Associate Members:

Mrs Cate MacKay

Mrs Janice Ramezanpour



Our Vision, Values and Long Term Strategic Priorities for our School:

Our Vision

Our shared vision is for St Michael’s to be an inclusive Church of England School, centred on distinctive Christian Values. Where we create and provide a high quality, caring and loving educational environment where children can learn, grow and develop to their full potential.


Our Values

As a proudly Christian School we work to follow the teachings of Jesus to prepare children for their future.

We use a range of key Christian values in helping make decisions and drive our school forward. These include; Courage -Friendship -Trust -Respect -Compassion -Perseverance -Love –


Board of Governors Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities are set out in our strategic plan and aim to communicate our continued vision, ethos and long-term direction for the school, so that we are all clear on where we are going and what we are trying to achieve.

  •          Pupils feels accepted, loved, valued within an inclusive Christian community
  •          Pupils achieve a good depth and breadth of education and develop skills and enthusiasm for ongoing learning
  •          Active and reflective learners are equipped to realise their full potential


School Governance

In all schools the Head teacher is responsible for day-to-day running and management of the school.  However, Governing Bodies are the key strategic decision-making body of every school. It is their role to set the school’s strategic framework and to ensure all statutory duties are met.

In all types of schools, governing bodies should have strong focus on four core strategic areas:

Four core strategic areas:

  •          Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  •          Holding the Head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff;
  •          Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.
  •          Effective Governance Practice

 Additional responsibilities for Church of England Aided Schools

Governors of Church Aided schools have a particular responsibility for supporting and developing the Christian character of the school as a Church of England School. These functions are to:

  •          Uphold the Christian character of the school as a Church of England school
  •          Undertake the role of employer
  •          Undertake the role of admissions authority for the school, including setting the admissions policy
  •          Decide whether the diocesan or locally agreed RE syllabus is followed
  •           Monitor the contribution of RE and collective worship on the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of pupils
  •          Ensure a budget contribution of 10% of the costs of any capital works to the school 

Governor monitoring

Governors use a monitoring plan to schedule a range of monitoring visits over the course of the year with staff that have the lead responsibility for the area being monitored. Monitoring is focused on our priorities within the School Improvement Plan in addition to a range of Statutory Requirements. 

Our Structure

Legislation requires Boards of Governors to meet once each term, however, in practice  we meet more often in order to carry out our duties effectively. In addition the Board of Governors termly meetings we also work in smaller committees and have individual monitoring responsibilities.

Committee 1 - Resource -  meets at least once per term but often more and by nature need to be more flexible, responding to situations where formal decisions are necessary in the area of finance and HR.

Areas of Responsibility




Keeping Safe & Healthy


Governing Body Development

Relevant Policies relating to above areas





Committee 2 -  Strategy -  meets once a term and has responsibility for focusing on the curriculum, standards and termly progress of children.

Areas of Responsibility


Curriculum & Pupils

Parent Liaison

Relevant Policies relating to above areas



Individual Governor Responsibilities


Named Governor Responsibilities 2016-2017.



Rosie Buxton (F)

Inclusion with Pupil Premium



Katja Purvis (F)      

Safeguarding & Health & Safety merged




Healthy Schools



Collective Worship

Rev Paul Scott (F)

Pupil Voice



John Cooke {F}

Early Years





 Parent/Carer liaison



On an annual basis, the governors and senior leadership team join together to evaluate the progress made (over the previous twelve months) in meeting the targets agreed in the School Improvement Plan. Following this discussion, the new School Improvement Plan is developed based on collectively agreed priorities.

Committee 3 Head teacher Performance Appraisal

The Governing Body is drawn from many aspects of the community. At our school there are 4 types of Governor:

Foundation Governor  (7)- Foundation Governors have a particular responsibility for supporting and developing and upholding the Christian character of the school as a Church of England School. They are appointed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) or Diocesan Board of Education and ratified by the Bishop.

Local Authority Governor (1) - These Governors are appointed by the Local Authority

Parent Governor (2) - Parent Governors are elected by parents of children attending the school

Staff Governor (2) - The role of these governors is to represent the staff at the school, the Head teacher is always a member of the Governing Body

"Governors at St Michael's come from all walks of life.  We all come together to provide a safe and loving environment for our children to grow and learn.  The role of a Governor is incredibly interesting and helps me to fully understand what is involved to give our children the rounded education they enjoy."

"Being able to play an active part in the life of the school is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding."

(Foundation Governor)

 Governor recruitment

We follow a skills based approach to recruitment, assessing the skills & experience of the Board of Governors regularly and identify where we require additional expertise. Where this is the case, we actively seek Governors with a diverse skillset and various backgrounds in order to link them to areas of school life that best match their knowledge, skills, interests and understanding when we draw up job descriptions for governor vacancies.

If you would like to find out more about our Board of Governors please contact our Chair

Mrs. Jackie Chevaugeon or the Head teacher, Mr. Johnston at: admin@stmichaelsalnwick.northumberland.sch.uk