Feedback From Parents

How would you describe this school to another parent?

“A happy environemnt almost like an extended family, the children are taught core Christian values which help them achieve their goals – a fantastic school.”

“A very caring environment – children are nurtured and encouraged to develop independence.”

“A lovely school that is well run and keeps the children happy.”

“There beliefs in friendship, honesty and trust, showing understanding and promoting individuality is second to none.”

“Excellent nursery which prepares the child well fopr learning at school.”

“Staff very friendly and approachable.”

“Very caring schooll which values pupils as individuals.”

“Warm and friendly with a caring ethos and lovely staff.”

“The school has a very caring staff with a genuine interest in children’s well-being.  A school with excellent Christian Values.”

“Friendly, fun and a relaxed environment.”

“Very friendly staff with a warm welcome and happy cheerful children.”

“Welcoming, friendly, caring with a safe environment and trustworthy staff.”

“A loving place where pupils respect each other and enjoy themselves. Pupils have fantastic opportunities.”


What are the positives about St Michael’s Primary school?

“The staff are very approachable and friendly – they deal with any problems raised.”

“Excellent staff – Christian values.”

“All of the children are well looked after and happy because they are treated as individuals.”

“Good teachers, continuity of care.”

“The children seem to genuinely care about each other.”

“If your child is needing extra help they get it.”

“A very supportive school.”

“Staff are always approachable.”

“The variety of extra activities.”

“Friendly atmosphere.”

“Well led school that teaches the children the core Christian Values of life.  Superb staff.”

“Lovely staff who are dedicated to the children’s progress. Such a happy place to be.”


How can we make St Michael’s even better?

“When children have homework marked it would be nice to know if they got it correct.”

“Improve sport in school – introduce some competition and games. Utilise sporting clubs and coaches.”

“Larger lunch portions.”

“Not enough use of the field.”

“Go back to basics with homework – spellings maths reading.”

“Sometimes 10 minutes is not enough at parents’ evenings.”

“Keep parents as up to date as possible.”

“Promote things happening in school.”

“Engaging with hard to reach families so all get involved.”

“More practical work.”

“Wrap around care for working families.”

“Continue to improve communication with parents about what children are doing in class.”


Core Christian Values in use out of school:

Respect – from other children towards my child.

Friendship – they make friends with a fair amount of ease – coming across as happy children.

Compassion – my child has shown compassion towards those less fortunate.

Perseverance – persevering with homework and trying new things.

Love – caring and loving towards family and friends.

Trust – seen whilst my child was in hospital

Courage – to get on his bike on main roads with his dad.