Farr Out Challenge

4th May 2019
For the third year running, St Michael's CE Primary School entered the Farr Out Challenge at St Mary's School in Melrose, Scotland.  The children were transported by parents to the borders and were greeted warmly by the staff and students from St Mary's.  St Michael's had a team comprising children in Year 5 and Year 6.  The children completed a range of challenges including climbing, drama, art and the famous 'zorbs'.  They had a great day and were treated to lunch at the school too.  The staff from St Mary's have commented upon how great the St Michael's team were, they really embraced the spirit and ethos of the day. They all seemed to thrive at different activities. The morale and encouragement for others was commendable. 
We are very proud of all the children who represented our school in this event.