Early Years Parents Maths workshop

On Friday the 17th June 2016 Nursery invited parents to share in a Maths workshop with their children. We joined together to start off our session with some shape songs and games and then we explored lots of shape activities within our classrooms and outdoor areas. We really enjoyed having our parents and friends in school to see how we learn Maths and we think they enjoyed finding out how we learn. Please see our photos and look at our parents thoughts about our workshop experience. Parents were 100% positive about the children's attitude to learning, enjoyment of Maths, confidence and the usefulness of these sessions to help parents to support learning at home. A huge thank you to all the parents who attended.
The Maths sessions was fantastic. The children were engaged and it was lovely to see their relationship with eachother and Mrs Mackay.
Enjoyed experiencing how (my child) and the other children learn about Maths at Nursery. Thank you for inviting me to attend.