Welcome to the Early Years

Welcome to St Michael's Church of England Primary school's Early Years section of our website. St Michael's is a happy and caring school very much involved with the local Parish and the local community.
We offer a stimulating, structured and creative educational environment in which your child can develop as a whole person.
Starting school is an exciting time and we are here to make sure that both you and your child enjoy the process and feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we provide a child centred and happy learning environment in which to begin their learning journey.
There are lots of advantages to choosing an Early Years unit and in particular St Michael's. We have experienced and well qualified staff working within our unit who have the well being and care of your child at their heart and we have a wonderful and spacious environment, both inside and out, in which your child can grow and learn.
We understand that it is a big step in a child's, and their parent's, life to start school and we are here to ensure that your child goes into Nursery and Reception feeling settled and enthusiastic to learn. One of the advantages of having an Early Years unit is that parents and children get to know staff well and children grow confident and settled.
We hope to see you in school to join us in the many open day opportunities we offer and see our Early Years in action.
Cate Mackay - Early Years lead/Assistant Head