Advice for parents

Year 5 have been learning about e-safety and how to stay safe online.  To find out more and read their advice, follow the links below to their e-safety e-posters:
For maore information go to:

At school we really take e-safety seriously.  We want to keep children safe both in and outside school.

What can parents do?

  • Get involved with your children online and encourage balanced use – set time limits
  • Make sure they know who to talk to if they feel uncomfortable
  • Talk about the consequences of giving out personal info or making information public
  • Keep the computer in a family room
  • Agree rules as a family – meeting up

Good resources:


Child Exploitation and Online Protection is a resource for help and advice regarding online safety.
Reports or concerns can also be made here to link directly to the police.

When should I report to CEOP?

We help children stay safe online. Has someone acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know? It may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up. You can report it to us below.

Report to CEOP