Curriculum update

7th June 2021
Dear Parents / carers,
We hope you had a restful half term break and enjoyed the lovely sunshine.  We wanted to update you further on our curriculum developments. As you may know - we are re-writing our curriculum to ensure all children receive their full entitlement.  We are looking to improve our offer in teaching all subjects and this outlined in detail on our website.  
Last half term the focus was on History.  We took part in staff training and development and planned exciting new topics to teach - some of these lent themselves to meaningful experiences across the curriculum for example in DT (pirate sandwiches) and Art (Anglo-Saxon Houses).  We talked to the children about their experiences and were able to monitor this with a useful and informative Governor visit.  Children were engaged in learning about historical sources, using key vocabulary and developed a sense of chronology through time. Examples of our history portfolios are proudly displayed on our website.
This half term the focus moves to Geography.  Children will be engaging in studies about places and people at a variety of scales from their classroom, the local area, Alnwick, the UK and world climate zones.  
We have updated our Knowledge Organisers for this half term on our website.  The Geography Knowledge Organisers are also attached here to see the progression across the school.  We hope you find these useful in knowing what your child is learning about - particularly the key vocabulary they will be encountering.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind regards,
Gavin Johnston - Head Teacher