COVID19 - Coronavirus

3rd January 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,

First of all I must apologise for the timing of this letter, but you will no doubt have seen the ongoing news about the reopening of schools tomorrow.  We have been keeping in touch with national developments as well as local Covid related isolations and infections.  Sadly I have to inform you that we cannot open school tomorrow fully as planned and will be offering online learning for all children other than vulnerable children and children of critical workers (who will receive a follow-up letter).  If you do not receive a follow-up letter from us and believe you meet the criteria please get in touch.  This arrangement will be in place until 18th January unless there are further developments / guidance. 

DFE guidance for vulnerable children and critical workers can be found at:  

Conversations have continued all weekend with the Diocese and the Local Authority and an emergency panel of governors.   We understand the difficulties this poses for many and can only apologise.  The decision has not been taken lightly and we will of course continue to make every effort to provide a quality online learning experience for our children.   At the present time our remote learning will be through Google Classroom for Years 1- 6.  Children in Early Years will have tasks set by email in the first instance.  Staff will keep in regular contact with your child. 

As with the previous lockdown we would like to support the learning of all of our children and to this end we will be able to loan out laptops from school. If you believe you would benefit from a school laptop for the next two weeks please ring school.

This is not the way we would like to begin 2021 with you or your children. We will keep in touch with you, please feel free to do the same.

Very best wishes,

Gavin Johnston  - Head Teacher

Jackie Chevaugeon  - Chair of Governors

This page explains our risk assessments at each stage of the pandemic: