Corona virus School Closure

18th March 2020
18th March
Dear Parents / Carers,
You will be aware of the government announcement that all schools will close from Friday evening until further notice except for children of key workers and vulnerable children. The full list of key workers has not yet been confirmed but examples include NHS staff, police, supermarket delivery drivers, teachers and school staff.  Please note this is not a confirmed list and we expect further information tomorrow.  Vulnerable children are those who have a social worker and those with an EHCP plan. It is expected some schools will remain open for these children only. 
I expect you have many questions but at this stage we have very limited information and we do not yet have clarity on what this will look like.  Further information will follow once the Government release further information. 
Until Friday evening school is open as normal.  Home learning packs are being prepared for children as are strategies for home learning - plans are already on our website.  We are planning online tasks for many of our children and are hoping to provide some of our older children with IT equipment to use to support their learning.  Important Device User Agreements must be signed before any devices can be released to children.
If your child is absent packs will be available from school. If the whole family is self isolating please contact school or ask a friend to pick up and drop off for you.
We have a very committed team of staff at St Michael's; be assured they will all do their best to support other key workers like the NHS to continue to do their very important jobs at this difficult time. 
Thank you for your support.