Communications Strategy

Communications strategy


We understand the importance of communication especially with parents and try relentlessly to communicate as effectively as we possibly can:

  •          Newsletters are sent out fortnightly and provide information on recent events and forthcoming dates.  This goes out in paper form to families as well as by email to Governors, it shared on the school website and is displayed in paper form in the entrance of school.
  •          The school website provides a range of information including statutory information as well as news and other useful information.  Recent additions to the website have included a stream from social media, updated policies, revamp or reading and phonics pages and new sports section.
  •          Social media.  School now has Facebook (115 page likes and 2,506 reach 13-19th  Nov), Twitter (35 followers), Instagram (14 followers) and Pinterest (16 followers).  Social media is used to share good news, give reminders and celebrate successes.
  •          Posters are used around school to promote events and give reminders such as for the Quiz night and Christmas disco.
  •          Meetings are used to give information such as for residential visits: sailing trip and Ford Castle.
  •          Parent workshops are used to allow parents to come into school and work with their child e.g. phonics, spelling and maths.
  •          Parent pop-ins are used to invite parents and carers in to engage in learning activities e.g. animal-themed craft in September.
  •          Parent Consultations are used to give in-depth information about how children have settled into new classes, their approach to learning and their attendance – this will be followed up by end of term target sheets in December.
  •          Parentmail – this is used to give last minute reminders and is on-hand to use in case of poor weather conditions over the winter.
  •          Advanced notice of e.g. the very busy Christmas period is to enable parents and carers to plan ahead for the events at the end of term.

Each method of communication has strengths and limitations as different people prefer different strategies.  Our strategy is to use a range of methods to reach as many people as possible.