Early Years Seals and Puffins

Just before our summer holidays we had an amazing trip to Coquet Island and saw lots of puffins. We drew our own puffins with some facts we remembered about them. 
Welcome to a new school year. Our focus for the Autumn 1 term is 'I am special'. 
Seals and Puffins have been finding out about what makes us unique. 
We have been reading the story of Elmer the Elephant who finds out that it is good to be different and to just be himself. 
We had Rob the storyteller from Alnwick Playhouse visit us to share the story with children and their parents. 
Here is our herd of Elmer the elephants that we made. Each one is different. 
We decided to make a Lighthouse for our role play area and we loved reading the story of 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'.  We even had a rowing boat and oars so we could pretend to be Mr Grinling. 
We noticed that Autumn had come to our outside area. The leaves were falling off our tree and made a carpet of red, yellow, orange and brown leaves on the grass. 
The Puffins learnt an Autumn poem for National Poetry day and recited it at our worship in front of the rest of the school and parents. We were brilliant! 
Leaves turn orange, brown and red
Brown and red
Brown and red
Leaves turn orange, brown and red
In the Autumn
They twirl and flutter to the ground
To the ground
To the ground 
They twirl and flutter to the ground
In the Autumn 
The Seals used the parachute to recite their poem 'The Waves in the sea'. 
The waves in the sea go up and down
Up and down
Up and down
The waves in the sea go up and down 
All day long 
The sharks in the sea go snap, snap, snap
Snap, snap, snap 
Snap, snap, snap
The sharks in the sea go snap, snap, snap 
All day long
The fish in the sea go swish, swish, swish,
Swish, swish, swish
Swish, swish, swish
The fish in the sea go swish, swish, swish
All day long
Harvest festival 
We have been learning about Pablo the Banana as part of our Fairtrade week in school. We stood up in church during our Harvest service and told everyone about Pablo and how he wants farmers in Columbia to be paid a fair wage. 
Seals have been on an Autumn walk. We put on our warm, waterproof suits and our wellies. 
We listened to the wind blowing in the trees. We could see the leaves floating down. 
As we walked out of school we spotted some red berries. We remembered that birds like these but they are not good for us!
We spotted a pine cone and some moss on the wall. Then we saw some blackberries but there were not many left. As we walked we found some ivy and some holly plants. 
We enjoyed making a crunching sound walking through all the leaves. 
Then it was back to school for some delicious hot chocolate. 
Seals have been collecting leaves for their Autumn window decoration. 
Our Homework over the October half term holidays is to see if you can do some of the 15 things to do in Autumn tasks. 
Have a look in their Home School Me books for the list or read it below. 
One of the Puffins asked what a group of sharks was called and we decided the best way to find out was to use the internet.
The rest of the Puffins immediately became interested in what other groups of animals were called and this led to us learning lots about this subject and writing about it. 
Have a look at our information below and see if you find it as fascinating as we did. One of the Puffins wanted to find out about honey-badgers and oryx which we hadn't even heard of. 
The group we really loved was 'a circus of Puffins'. 
Please read our information letter below about our learning during a busy Autumn 1 half term and what we plan to do in Autumn 2 after the holidays. 
We have started to change our role play area because the Seals found some tills and some money and wanted to create a shop. We have baskets to shop with and some food to buy. 
Outdoor Explorers
Thank you to all the parents who attended our Outdoor Explorers workshop. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the experience especially our new addition to the Outdoor area - our mud kitchen which was the most popular activity. 
One child said he wouldn't change anything 'it was perfect' and another family said they 'had so much fun!' 
We hope to do it again in the summer when hopefully there will be sunshine as requested. 
Who is staying at the Bug Hotel?
Can you find some leaves to collect on you stick? What sort of leaves did you find?
What amazing recipe can you make in our mud kitchen? 
Paint a picture on a pebble. 
Which bulb did you decide to plant? 
Red tulips? Yellow daffodils? Purple crocus?
Using pebbles and twigs to make shapes. 
Can you make the boats move? 
Enjoying playing in the sand pit. 

Nursery are learning to write their names. We cut names up to look like a jigsaw and practised putting it back together. We were really good at it!

We have also been learning how to make a repeating pattern with shapes. We have printed with paint and used our Numicon pegs to make patterns. 
We joined in with the rest of the school to take part in our Prayer Spaces week. One of our classrooms was turned into a magical calm space with lots of activities that made us think carefully about how we treat others. 
We had to hook a duck and talk about what we are thankful for, make sculptures of special things, draw around our friends hands and lots of other activities. 
It's Christmas!
Seals and Puffins went to Alnwick Gardens for the WHOLE day! 
When we arrived we learnt how to be an elf which is a very important job! Then we had a drink of hot chocolate in the cafe before going to the Treehouse to meet Santa Claus. We all told him what we would like for Christmas. 
Then we went to make some Christmas crafts with the elves before we got on the coach back to school. We had a very busy day but everyone said we were polite and well behaved. 
What an exciting day!
How exciting that we had snow this week. Early Years Seals and Puffins had a fabulous time exploring in our outside area. 
We rolled it, dug it, sculptured it, melted it. What a lot you can do in the snow! We love it!
Come and join your Reception child in our Maths Numicon Parent session. See information below. 
We have been mixing paint in Early Years. We decided that we would work with a friend to mix paint together. We had a choice of red, yellow and blue so one of us chose a colour and then our friend chose a colour then we rubbed our hands together to mix the paint. 
Look at the different colours we made by working together with a friend. 
Yesterday we had some visitors who came to see us. They were from the BBC and they work for Cbeebies. They came to show us a brand new children's programme that hasn't been seen by anyone else yet. They wanted us to watch the programme which is called 'Feeling better' and tell them what we liked. The episode the Puffins watched was all about the feeling disappointed and how to cope with feeling like that with help from our friends and the episode the Seals watched was all about feeling angry. We really enjoyed it and they said we were so good to help them with our opinions. They also said that we were really good listeners. If you want to see the first episode you will have to rush home from school on Monday 19th March at 3.20 pm.
Thank you to everyone who came to our Numicon Parents session in Nursery this morning. It was lovely to hear such positive comments and responses from you about the session. 
The children really enjoyed it especially eating the Numicon cakes. 
Please have a look at the photos below for a flavour of the mornings activities. 
We have been learning about our bodies. Here we are doing a taste test to find out what is sweet, sour, bitter and salty. 
Today we had a visiting Professor who showed us an experiment he had done at home to change a liquid into a solid. Everyone in the Seals and Puffins watched and then had a go themselves. 
Friday 18th May 2018
Today we all made red, white and blue cupcakes to celebrate the wedding tomorrow of His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Megan Markle. We had juice which we drank with red,white and blue straws and ate our cakes in the sunshine. 
Puffins went on a visit to Kirkley Hall Zoo. We had a fabulous time and had a guide who showed us all the animals, told us lots of facts and answered our questions.
Look at our photos to see what animals we saw.
Nursery visited the Northumberland Zoo at Eshott. They have got lots more to see this year and we had a fabulous day looking at all the animals. 
Can you name them?
Have a look at these photos to see what we got up to at Northumberland Zoo. 
Which was your favourite animal? 
We were given some caterpillars to look after, they turned into chrysalides and now they have hatched into Painted Lady butterflies. We have fed them some nectar and fruit and then we can release them into the garden.
Today we released our painted lady butterflies. We have watched them change from caterpillars to chrysalis to butterflies. Now it is time to let them enjoy some flowers and fresh air. Some were keen to go and others wanted to stay with us but eventually to cheers, claps and waves from everyone they flew away into our garden. 
Start of STEM week at ST MICHAELS PRIMARY....Science Technology Engineering and Maths
Zoo Lab came to school today. They brought some mini-beasts to look at. Reception Puffins and afternoon Seals really enjoyed looking at them and handling them. We were really careful. 
Our STEM topic is floating and sinking. We have been reading the story of Penguin Small. (Look in the Teachers Choice on School 360 if you want to listen to the story). 
We have been experimenting with different ways Penguin Small found to travel over the sea. Penguin Small can't swim so he floated on an iceberg, sat in a hat and rode on a whale. 
We are finding out which was the best way to travel.  
Puffins and Seals had an 'afternoon' tea party in the last week with china tea cups and saucers, cucumber sandwiches, cakes and scones with jam. 
We really enjoyed all sitting together outside and having lovely treats to eat. We even had a Gruffalo cake!