Celebration Worship 17th September

17th September 2021
The theme for this week is RESPECT.  We have heard stories linked to respect and have been working hard to demonstrate respect to others around school.
Our Stars of the week are:
Topaz Ollie
Emerald 1 Anna
Emerald 2 Charlie N
Sapphire 3 Bobby
Sapphire 4 Louie
Amethyst Jake
Diamond Robbie
What fantastic role models!
Our Star Readers are:
Topaz Kyra
Emerald Millie
Sapphire Amelia B
Amethyst Kenny
Diamond Scarlett
Maths Wizards
Topaz Theo
Emerald Dylan
Emerald Niamh
Sapphire Amelia H
Amethyst Ethan
Diamond Ty