Celebration Worship 12th March 2021

12th March 2021
Well Done to all of our award winners this week in school! 
Stars of the week this week were awarded to children who have settled back into school so well after lockdown. 
This was a difficult and tricky decision as we are so proud of everyone who has returned this week.
Stars of the week are:
Pegasus- Joseph.N
Griffins- Emmie.C
Centaurs- Joey.D
Phoenix- Miya.P
We also awarded star readers this week as we are promoting reading progress across the school. 
Our Star Readers are:
Pegasus- Asan.A
Griffins- Amelia.H
Centaurs- Jake.D
Phoenix- Thomas.A
Well done to all of our winners this week, and well done to all our pupils for a super first week back at school.